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Newsletter sobre Comida Viva da BioSamara

Dear ones

I’m delighted to bring you the FIRST BIOSAMARA NEWSLETTER! Many of you have shown interest in having regular information about health, nutrition, raw food and superfoods. That’s what BioSamara is all about!

I’d like to present ourselves very briefly, for those of you who don’t know us.

I’m Ilanta, founder and managing director of BioSamara. I’m originally from Portugal but because I doubt many of you would understand Portuguese, this newsletter will come out in English until I find someone who can help me out with the German version. My German is very poor, and I’m sorry if you are unable to understand English.

There is also Philippe, who is Swiss German and has been helping me building up BioSamara since the very first minute; he’s the one answering your lovely emails and phone calls. But he has gone to pursuit his long time dream of being an organic/permaculture gardener and is working 8 long hours a day, leaving very little time to dedicate to BioSamara. But he’s still the one taking care of the customer service. He loves to do it!

BioSamara has been Switzerland’s leading source of raw foods and superfoods since 2007. We are in business to help you become a happier, healthier person and to make it simple and fun to incorporate more raw, living foods and superfoods into your diet.

WHY RAW? Simply put, raw food contains more life force because the nutrients and enzymes have not been destroyed by the cooking process so they provide us with more vitality, energy and life! Raw foods and superfoods are simple, easy to find, fun to eat and contain thousands of health-giving nutrients.

WHAT ARE SUPERFOODS? Superfoods are both a food and a medicine; they have elements of both. They are a class of the most potent, super-concentrated, and nutrient-rich foods on the planet. Extremely tasty and satisfying, superfoods have the ability to tremendously increase the vital force and energy of one’s body and are the optimum choice for improving overall health, boosting the immune system, enhancing sexuality and cleansing and alkalizing the body. Additionally superfoods help you do this without having to take dead vitamin and mineral supplements.

BioSamara supports ethical, sustainable trade and we endeavour to promote and develop fair trade and community-based projects all around the world, with the help of our distributors.
Although we are not officially organic certified, our products are, with few exceptions, organically certified at source and ecologically produced/wildcrafted.

At BioSamara, we believe that the more we give the more we receive! We happily donate 10% of our profits to our nonprofit organization of choice, The Samara Foundation, that has been set up to realize the evolution of the human consciousness worldwide using the guidelines of spiritual teacher Tony Samara (which is, by the way, our BELOVED spiritual teacher).

The Samara Foundation embraces the goal of working towards self-realisation and liberation. As we move beyond the simple satisfaction of personal needs and become something greater in order to create a reality in harmony with our spiritual aspirations, we take responsibility for our processes, raise our consciousness and find the love and the light in each situation. Please check their websites at www.tonysamara.org and www.ourbeautifulworld.org.

So let’s get on to the exciting news for this month:
Special Offers (update on the website www.biosamara.ch, every week in german!)
Es-ist-beinahe-Sommer-wunderbare Angebote (bis 21. Juni)
 10% Rabatt auf Xylitol: schmeckt wie Zucker, nur die Hälfte Kalorien, gut für die Zähne, stammt aus Buchen- und Birkenholz
 Perfekte Partner - Die beiden Antioxidanz-Bomben: Kaufe 1 David Wolfe’s Tibetische Goji Beeren (454g) und erhalte 125g Kakao Splitter GRATIS
 Gesundes Doppelpack: Kaufe 1 kg Weizengras und erhalte das Buch vom Gesunde-Ernährungs-Guru David Wolfe “Die Sonnen Diät” GRATIS
 Bei einem Einkauf über Fr. 250 ist der Versand GRATIS (innerhalb der Schweiz)

News - We've got two very exciting programs that just arrived in the Raw Foods market. One by David Wolfe with his Longevity Now Program and the other one by beautiful raw moms Shannon Leone and Tera Warner with their Raw Mom Summit.

Right now you can get an exclusive FREE 30 minute video by David Wolfe. The video discusses how to have a healthy immune system and how to easily avoid getting sick. Check this free video by clicking the link below:

And I am so excited about the Raw Mom Summit!!! Please check out the incredible line up that Shannon Leone and Tera Warner have gathered up. They've got Byron Katie, Victoria Boutenko, Shazzie, Brigitte Mars, Angela Stokes, Jean Liedloff, Anna Maria Clement, and many others discussing - for 9 days straight - the subjects of nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and other family health care issues. You can get YOUR concerns addressed about how to succeed on a healthy diet and how to feed your children the best food possible. The Raw Mom Summit is FREE, so sign up now by clicking here http://www.RawMomSummit.com

Recipe of the month:
Goji Smoothie
Experience an energetic boost with this easy-to-make smoothie you can drink first thing in the morning or anytime of the day you need a gentle kick
Blend together equal amounts of goji berries, blueberries, cherries and apples. Put in a blender for a few seconds; add a cup of water or orange juice for easier blending. You can add a natural sweetener of your choice (we like to use raw honey, agave, yacon, stevia or xylitol) and a sprinkle of cinnamon or cacao powder or both and some raw nuts to give it more sustenance!

And finally, we have a job vacancy. We’re seeking to hire a part-time, dynamic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable office manager working from home to help us keep up with the fast growing expansion we’re experiencing in Switzerland and Europe. The role includes handling phone and internet orders, packing and sending out orders, managing and general office assistance. Experience working in an office environment. Preferably with marketing skills and experience in good customer relation/communication. Proficiency in general computer skills. Ability to multi-task. Organized & efficient…starting now ! Contact me at ilantalove7 at gmail.com

That’s all for this month. Would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Please drop me an email sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences.
Love and Gratitude, Ilanta

P.S. If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, just reply us to let us know and we will remove you form our database. Just write “remove” on the subject, no need for further explanations!

P.S.S. For trade enquiries, we welcome distributors, online shops, therapists, centres, clinics or anyone else interested in holistic health, raw food and superfoods, to contact us for further details and our wholesale conditions.

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